The Brand Files: Episode 04

August 24, 2023

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  • Navigating a multi-passionate & business oriented lifestyle
  • Maintaining Intention in Entrepreneurship
  • Utilizing Katy’s Triangle Method to Balance Multiple Passions
  • Nurturing Long Term Goals – and their Alignment with Intentions



​​Katy Murray is a business owner, entrepreneur, employee, mother and wife. Receiving multiple awards and recognition for her Photography Talent, Katy’s images have been featured in over 30 publications. Katy has been a guest speaker at multiple Universities, on high ranking Podcasts and is the Host of her own Ginger Biz, the Podcast. On her podcast she shares all the tips and tricks to be successful in business, while also working full time, loving on her sweet family and practicing self care to maintain sanity. Katy is a fun loving business guru who wants to share her passions with the world.

In today’s episode, Katy walks us through the ins and outs of finding your niche while navigating a multi passionate and business oriented lifestyle.

Getting Started

I started out as a photographer about a decade ago and it was kind of, I don’t want to say on a whim because there was intention behind it, but that’s kind of where this all started. I learned very quickly that I absolutely love business, whether it’s stationary or brand/virtual assisting, whatever it is, I love the side of business that goes into any sort of business. I got to the point where I just wanted to help so many other people grow because I’m just so passionate about business.

That’s where my podcast comes from and stems from. That’s where our virtual assisting firm stems from. Everything is really center-focused around business. Now with that being said, I am a full-time head of HR at a large private organization. So I do work full-time, not necessarily in corporate America, but it is something that I’m very passionate about as well. And so today, like you said, we’re gonna dive into just how you can be multi-passionate and still be successful.

In September of 21 my husband and I together launched Katie & Co. which is a virtual assisting firm and that again was because I want to help others grow. I want people to be able to learn and learn from everything that’s worked for me. We still do photography. I am still doing a lot of client work for photography and 2020 was actually our biggest most profitable year and has continued to grow since then, which has been really, really amazing. But we also then started sprinkling in these other businesses. So as a small recap, because it’s a lot, we have Ginger Biz, the podcast, we have Katie & Co, the virtual assisting firm, then Katie Marie Photography, and we have Petals and Ink, which is just a side hustle.

Katy’s Triangle Method to Multi-Talents 

For me specifically, I like to think of my business and my endeavors as a triangle. So for me, Katie Murray photography focuses a lot more now on brand photography versus weddings or portrait sessions. That’s kind of the meat and potatoes of our business now. And then Ginger Biz really focuses on helping other people grow their business. 

So now what’s in the middle of my triangle? Helping other businesses or career-minded people. I also then, like I mentioned, am a full-time HR executive and that helps people. My triangle now is KMP, GingerBiz, Katie & Co. and my HR role. All of which feed into that same brand identity, if you will, which is me, Katie. 

I would say that if you’re multi-passionate, see what sits in the middle.of everything that you love and see how you can pivot your personal brand to really speak to that because I know that I would get overwhelmed when someone asked me what I did. I’d be like, well I have a podcast, I have this, I have that, and then I’d itemize all those things. Well now I can simply respond with like, I have a business that helps other businesses and I’m an HR executive.

It’s so much more concise which if you know me and you heard the intro, I love words, so I say a lot, but that’s how I decided what made sense to grow the business and the additional aspect of that is petals and ink, which is my stationary and illustrations. That is just something that fuels me. That’s more like a self-care project. While I am professional in it, that doesn’t fit in my triangle per se. 

I would say just kind of focusing on what you want your overall goals to be. For me and for many, that’s having more free time, having more income, and doing what you love and having a good quality of life. And so those things in my triangle sustain that for me. So take a step back, write out what it is you’re passionate about, write out what your talents are, and then see how those align together to bring you a solid brand. – Katy Murray


To hear more about Katy Murray and her tips on finding your niche while being multi-talented, LISTEN NOW!

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