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August 17, 2023

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I finally had the chance to see Barbie last week and I LOVED it. 💅 Of course my designer brain is always turning and it got me thinking about Barbie and our ShowIt templates 💭

Margot Robbie’s character is Stereotypical Barbie – the original doll – and she is surrounded by so many high achieving friends in Barbieland that are based off original Barbie! They are all similar in awesomeness; all kind and high-achieving characters…. but with their own personality 🎉

This is similar to our ShowIt templates! Templates come with an original design that is great, BUT you change the design elements to reflect your own brand and have a fabulous website! Our ShowIt website templates are SO easy to use – you simply drag and drop to customize the pages. 

ShowIt Template, Layla Blake, Layla Blake
Template shopping can be tricky; sometimes it’s difficult to envision what the web pages would look like with other aesthetics applied. For fun, we dressed up our templates as some of the characters from the Barbie movie! 😄👗  

Narrowing it down to just a few was SO HARD, but we wanted to show you:

….our playful and bold Layla Blake 💛
… a bold, red-peachy vibe fit for a leader ❤️
… a beachy, neon theme that’s Kenough 💚
… a whimsical, purple + teal design 💜

Barbie website template examples

Which one is your favorite Barbie Website Template?

If you love big splashes of color, bold imagery, and believe that life’s not meant to be taken too seriously, Layla Blake is your girl. This template is perfect for creatives, service providers and photographers who love color and bold vibes. 😎

Wanna see the rest of Layla’s pages or meet her friends: Brigitte Townes, Lennon Rae, and Grey Mills? Head over to our website and visit our Website Template tab and you could build a Barbie Website Template, too!


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