Quarterly Planning Benefits

August 30, 2023

Planning things for your business can be overwhelming. It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day and lose track of the bigger picture of your business year!  Also, writing down everything you’d like done in a whole year is a daunting task. 


Instead of that, I shifted my mindset to quarterly planning years ago and it’s a game changer 🙌  We view the business year as 4 quarters with three months in each.  So now when we are planning marketing or projects, we try to keep it within one quarter to give us motivation to stay on track. Right now we are in Q3 and are making plans for Q4 and even Q1 2023 🎉

Quarterly Planning month breakdown
Breaking down your year into four seasons of business can be so helpful for small business owners! It gives structure that helps guide your smaller goals / projects.

This breakdown can help you:

🗓️ Manage your workload
🗓️ Become more intentional with your marketing
🗓️ Notice any busier/dormant seasons of business
🗓️ Think ahead about how you want your vacations/holidays to look
🗓️ Have deadlines for small business goals
🗓️ Manage finances if you pay quarterly business taxes
🗓️ Plan launches for new services/products

✅ Quarterly Planning in Practice:
We spent Q1 and Q2 with our podcast, The Brand Files, simmering on the backburner as we prepared for the launch. Learning everything about podcast production, setting up the necessary hosting accounts, brainstorming topics, etc. Our goal was to launch it in Q3- and we did that in July 2023!

We’d love to hear your business success stories about how quarterly planning has helped you! 🤗 Or how it COULD help you in the future 👀


If you try new business organization methods and still need help in some areas to stay on track, don’t forget about the wonderful services we offer that can help you.  We can update your website to increase its’ efficiency or we could provide ongoing marketing services like we do for many businesses.  Please contact our team if we can help!


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