The ultimate checklist for your brand board

March 9, 2020

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So, what is a brand board? And why do I need one? Well, we believe in the power of a brand board because it’s a reference point for your visual brand to help you easily see the overall aesthetic of your brand. It’s also essential when working with team members and other vendors so they can make sure anything they create is consistent and on-brand.

So, here’s our brand board must-haves: 

Logo design in color and black and white

It’s sooo important to have all the variations of your logo help to see what logo options you have and how they should be used. We talked a little bit about the different formats you need for your brand in this post, but making sure that your brand board showcases ALL the different types of logos you have and all the configurations of your logo is very important to understanding your brand guidelines. ESPECIALLY if you’re working with someone who will be creating graphics or materials for your brand where they will be using your logo. 

Branded Fonts

These are the fonts you will use for headlines, paragraphs and accents to make sure you’re being consistent and aren’t using too many different fonts that detract from your brand aesthetic and vision. Using consistent fonts creates a streamlined look and feel for your brand, and is important when it comes to making sure your graphics are all SUPER consistent. 

Color Palette

Making sure your brand colors are included on the brand board makes sure you know exactly what colors do and don’t fit within your brand. You will want the CMYK, RGB and Hex Values included so you know exactly what the color breakdown is for print and digital. If you have a product based brand or business, you may have Pantone colors that your brand uses. This is something you will want to include as well to make sure you have all your bases covered, and that all the colors you are using are consistent across the board. 

Photo Style

We believe having a specific photography style contributes to a consistent and elevated brand. Having examples of what types of photography and textures you use will help you maintain your visual brand and will ensure that you know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to choosing photos and visuals for your brand. Check out this post to learn more about choosing stock photos for your brand. 

So there you have it! If you have all your brand elements, we highly recommend putting them together on a single page, so you can see them all together AND you can easily share your brand standards with any team member or vendor you are working with! 

Don’t have a brand yet, but interested in working with us on your branding? Click here to reach out to us.

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The Ultimate Checklist for Your Brand Board | J. Alexandria Creative

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