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It takes 10 seconds for your potential customer to to form an opinion about your logo. What does yours say about you? Designing strategic branding is about your logo AND so much more. It's about creating a system that works together to create a connection and impression with your target audience to allow them to  perceive you the way you want to be perceived Ready to create a brand that resonates?

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According to Stanford, 75% of people base the credibility of a business on how their website looks. Your website creates a lasting impression on your company. Create a website that's working just as hard as you are for your business. 

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"Businesses that add value through design see a greater impact on business performance than the rest."

–the Design council

Translation: good design is just good business. When you have professionally designed branding and website design, you're creating a better quality experience for your potential clients and customers so you can establish credibility and trust. 

The best part of being seen as a brand and company that's trustworthy? 

When your customers trust you they will: 
✔️Spend their hard earned dollars with you
✔️See the value in the services you're offering
✔️Refer you to the people they know




I’m Jade Buford, CEO and Creative Director of J. Alexandria Creative. 

I’m a multi-passionate creative and small business owner’s biggest cheerleader. I’ve been exactly where you are! I’ve sat in that dark and dingy corporate cubicle, binging podcasts and hustling to get out of my 9-5 make my dream a reality. I’ve Googled every business question you can think of. And I’ve worked with countless business owners just like you. Our mission at J. Alexandria Creative is to love and serve small business owners by creating brands and websites that create more value, build trust, and connect with your potential customers. How you present your business matters, and we will help you ensure your presentation is on point. 


She takes a strategic approach to web design and offers helpful direction and ideas. Jade is organized and sends regular project updates to ensure deadlines are met. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again - she’s the best! 

"Jade is a wonderfully creative and resourceful web designer who goes above and beyond in every way."

Stephanie, Graceful Lane

kind words

There are not enough good things or ways I can describe my experience working with Jade. She is the most professional, creative, resourceful and flexible designer and project manager I’ve ever worked with. Jade is the one thing in my business I cannot do without. There’s no one better out there. I’m grateful I get to work with her.

"Jade is the one thing in my business I cannot do without."

Vitale Buford

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 It was so easy to express my vision to her and have her work magic to make my site come to life. Jade also has so much patience working through unplanned technical issues that we faced as I had started with another designer. Jade will create a site that is just what you desired and more.

"Jade’s creativity brings
your vision to life."

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Charlotte Seefeldt

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