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June 20, 2024

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Taste Strategy provides food consulting for quick-service restaurant brands across the country.  The owner, Rachel Toner, wanted to seize control of her future by starting her own business.  Before Taste Strategy was born, Rachel was working a demanding 9-5 job with a husband who travels a lot for work. She was DONE with her long commute and wanted to take steps now to step away from that schedule. Rachel realized her path forward was entrepreneurship. 

Rachel has a passion for food science and noticed a gap in sensory expertise within foodservice.  In this industry, chefs often lack the objective tools for consumer insights. Rachel’s personal mission is to make sensory and product/consumer research accessible to more restaurants (rather than this only being a luxury service targeting high-end restaurants).  Rachel’s target audience is quick service restaurants (QSR). In simple terms, Rachel loves helping chefs adjust their dishes to improve the customer experience… which generates more sales for THEM! SO cool! 

Rachel knew she wanted to establish a strong, professional image right from the start.  We love it when clients understand that investing in professional branding + websites will make a new business look SO credible to your prospective clients! This was such a fun project and a great reminder of why we LOVE working with small businesses – every project is unique and we learn so much from our amazing clients! 



“I could cry. The best part of working together was that Jade and her team truly listened to me and my needs and helped me simplify my message to appeal to my ideal clients. They understood me. They dug in, learned about my industry, and translated my idea from concept to reality.


-Rachel Toner, owner of Taste Strategy


1. Taste Strategy Branding

Rachel really wanted her branding to be the perfect blend of professional, fun, and approachable..  Rachel doesn’t want research to feel out of reach or “too sciency” for her clients – it’s important the brand doesn’t feel boring or stiff. Our team opted for a bold, block letter style lettering for the primary logo paired with punchy, circular submarks in all of the colors for maximum mix and match possibilities for her marketing materials.   The color palette is a combination of vibrant, clean primary colors that look professional while being dynamic and maintaining the sense of fun and scientific curiosity.  We love putting a vibrant and airy twist to make a science-based business feel down-to-earth and approachable. 


Taste Strategy Logo, Taste Strategy submarks, Food Science, Food Consultant Branding , Sensory Science Branding

Taste Strategy Logo, Taste Strategy submarks, Food Science, Food Consultant Branding , Sensory Science Branding J. Alexandria Creative testimonial from Taste Strategy


2. Taste Strategy Website

The Taste Strategy Website was designed on ShowIt using one of our J. Alexandria Creative templates, Layla Blake. Rachel’s #1 website request was that everything be straight forward and clean. We tweaked the template slightly to remove some blocks that Taste Strategy didn’t need to utilize. Next, we plugged in Rachel’s branding photos, added in the copy written by our copywriter, and completed all page + link + SEO magic to make sure Google would show her website to people! 


Her website looks amazing! Taste Strategy is a great example of a client who truly came prepared with a full gallery of branding photos. In most of our website projects, we supplement with stock photos to complete the website look.  All photos on this website were done at Rachel’s branding shoot. They are SO fun and really level up the cohesion of her website. 


Take a moment to admire how beautiful these pages are in these clips! Here you can see the Taste Strategy website’s Homepage, About Page, and Service Page. If you LOVE these and want to see the website in action, click here


Website Clips:



Our client was so pleased with the result and had the kindest things to say about working with us! 

J. Alexandria Creative Testimonial from Taste Strategy. "“I view my website as a bridge between me and my clients. This new look shows my personality, which is what I wanted. It had to be authentically me, not just mimic similar websites. I hope that my website allows my clients to get a sense of what Taste Strategy is all about and to feel the creativity, to feel the vibrancy of this brand.”

We are SO excited for Rachel and the bright, bright future of Taste Strategy! She was so wonderful and organized to work with. We just KNOW she gives 100% to her clients and they will love working with her as well!   

If you’re ready to leave your 9-5 job and launch a new biz, we’d love to support you! We can help from the ground up by designing you the branding + website of your dreams. 


Visit our contact page to get started.



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