The Salesgirls: Semi Custom Website Design

May 7, 2024

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The Salesgirls Website was SUCH a fun website project! My friends Kat and Macy are growing their business and were ready for a website overhaul! 🙌 Sometimes our business outgrows our website and that was totally the case for The Salesgirls. Their audience evolved as their business grew and that’s how they knew it was time to ensure their website truly reflected their business and current audience. They wanted their new website to be crisp, clear, and really prioritize the user experience.  At the time of our consultation, they felt their website was the only thing about their business that was not tailored to their target audience – and now it is! 🤩


“We are so thrilled to have a site that matches the energy we put out on our socials. As a company that prioritizes social media and does most of our sales there – we tended to forget about the internet presence outside of that. I didn’t like being afraid people will find dated, old vibes from a Google search. Now we know what they find will be an accurate depiction of our business!”

– The Salesgirls


✨ We are huge Salesgirls fans over here! ✨ Jade took their sales training in 2022 and it completely transformed our business and how we approach sales. We are so inspired by The Salesgirls and their mission, so being able to work with The Salesgirls was a DREAM project.


The Homepage:

The Salesgirls, The Salesgirls Website, Coaching Website, Crisp Colorful Website 


About Page:

The Salesgirls, The Salesgirls Website, Coaching Website, Crisp Colorful Website

They are wonderful! To see more of their beautiful website pages, visit the live page here! If you’re a female entrepreneur who struggles with sales, go to their socials and them a follow! Soak up their wisdom! 🤗  If their website inspires more women to become salesgirls, our mission is complete 🫡  If this website makes you realize, “Man, I could use a website refresh too..” we’d love to hear more about you and your business.  Complete the form on our website and we’ll be in touch 🙂


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