Who Needs a Custom Website?

June 9, 2023

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Semi-Custom vs. Fully Custom Websites

Do you hear the phrases “custom website” and “semi-custom website” and immediately become overwhelmed? A website can be the biggest, strongest tool in your business toolbox when done correctly… but it’s so hard to know what is best for your unique business. There are a few different options to consider, like choosing between a Semi-Custom Website vs. a fully Custom Website.

Semi-Custom Websites are:

  • Template based with easy-to-use website builders, like ShowIt
  • More cost effective for small business owners
  • Business Owners looking to elevate their business / upgrade from their DIY website
  • Perfect for people in the early phase of business – first 2-3 years


Example: We offer ShowIt Templates which is a Semi-Custom website option.

Fully Custom Websites are:

  • Larger investments because this is a website that is completely designed from the ground up to serve your business
    • Requires custom web development, too!
  • Best for established business that understand their market and their customer’s needs


How do I know Which is Best for Me? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Have you maxed out your current templated website?

    • Do you feel like it’s taken you as far as it can as far as your needs?
    • Have you realized you want to change/add some specific features that help with the functionality of your business… but your template doesn’t offer it?


Are you wanting a branded, custom experience for your customers?

    • Templates are wonderful, but there’s a high chance someone else out there is using it. With a fully custom design, the website experience will be 100% unique to YOUR BUSINESS that may help you stand out to competitors.


Both options are great depending on where you’re at with your business! If you decide that a fully custom website is important to you, we strongly recommend you invest in your branding first!  This ensures you have an established brand foundation to drive the look and feel of your future custom website! This will help your graphic designer and web developer so much! We offer BOTH services, so if you’re ready to take the plunge into a full branding + a new website, we’d love to help you!


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