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January 19, 2023

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Are you covering your SEO Basics to boost your website rankings? It takes savvy internet skills to drive traffic to your website and we’d love to help you out with some SEO tips. If you are brand new to search engine optimization (SEO), circle back to this article for a brief vocabulary lesson before we dive deeper into SEO. 

1. Prioritize the User Experience

    • Make sure your website is something people want to visit! Ensure everything is laid out efficiently, everything loads well, and that it’s mobile-friendly. If your website isn’t functional, people won’t stay and view your products/services. 

2. Make sure Google Analytics is set up

3. Make sure Google Console is set up

4. Make your website secure with an SSL certificate installed (Google likes those!)

5. Use keyword tags on your pages + images!

    • Sprinkle words specific to your industry or product throughout these places to help the search engines send people to your website! Make sure they are in your headlines, meta descriptions, blogs, tags, image attributions.
    • Use a mix of head terms and longtail terms to appeal to many search audiences! A head term is a general keyword, a longtail term is a specific keyword that fits within your headterm.
        • Ex: The head term of this blog page could be “SEO Basics” but it could also be paired with a longtail keyword of “IncreaseWebsiteTrafficwithSEOtips” to target more specific searches. 
    • Struggling to think of tags?  There are tools to help with that! Searching terms for your industry there will pull up related searches and show you how popular they are. Some may be perfect for your industry and some may not be what you’re looking for.
        • Ex: “Graphic Designer” yielded similar phrases like “digital designer”, “creative designer” “graphic artist” “graphic design logo” “graphic design website”.  It also brought up a few that were not within the scope of our business so I kept scrolling.
        • Ex: “Website Templates” brought up “squarespace templates” “wix templates” “template monsters” “website themes” “showit templates” and “web design template” as related terms. 

6. Include outbound/inbound links 

    • Links to other pages in your website are helpful for leading people further down your sales funnel and link referrals to your website or to other websites also make your website look trustworthy to Google

7. Build SEO Checkups into your business routine!

    • Check in on the data from Google Analytics and Google Console to make sure your keywords are doing their job.  If not, make adjustments and see if it increases performance. 

Best of Luck Boosting your Website SEO!

We hope these SEO tips help your website (and business) thrive this year!  If you think you need professional help with your website, please reach out to us! We’d love to start a website project for you and our web design packages come with Basic SEO optimization.

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