What is a Mood Board and How Do I Make One?

February 7, 2022

Let’s talk about mood boards! I love a good mood board – they are fun to look at and it’s such an important part of the design process.

What Exactly IS a Mood Board Though?

A mood board is a collection of images, colors, design elements, etc. that all convey the visual direction of a project. Mood boards are meant to be abstract but convey the overall look and feel of your brand.   For retail store branding, they may also include examples of the type of product photography they will use to market their business. Mood boards serve as a great visual to make sure the designer and client are on the same page in the design direction. If it’s not quite what the client had in mind, no worries! We can make adjustments before the official designing begins. We create each mood board from scratch for each of our projects. If you look at my clients’ mood boards, you can instantly see how each business has a unique vibe to it.

Even if you don’t have professional branding for your brand, a mood board may be a super helpful exercise for you to start planning out what your brand could look like. Once you develop your brand identity, you can use those ideas to start selecting colors and fonts that fit your brand identity. To start on a mood board, I always make a secret board on Pinterest for whatever project I’m working on.  I fill the board with anything that fits with the direction I’m going.  It could be colors, photographs, fonts, prints, etc. This is such a fun process because it’s just free, creative thinking based on your brand identity.  It’s an exciting part of the design process because it’s the first time all of the clients’ ideas get put together visually. 


When the owners of Third Eye Emporium came to us, they wanted a brand that spoke to both men and women with a celestial inspired aesthetic and this was the mood board we created for them.  



Look at this mood board we created for the City of Lincoln, AL! It has a clean, modern lake aesthetic.  The traditional hues paired with modern turquoise and yellow make this brand feel inviting and relaxing, perfect for this quaint fishing town. 




The owner of You Knead Me was ready to elevate her brand and expand into corporate massage clients. We are so excited about how her warm, bohemian inspired brand came to fruition.

If you want to dig even deeper into your brand identity to DIY your own mood board, click below to download our Discovering Your Dream Client Workbook! The first step towards creating effective branding is understanding who you’re creating for!


I hope you’ve find this inspiring and informative!  Need help getting the cohesive branding you dream of?   Click here to inquire with us. 

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