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Are you sick of spending wayyyy to much time pushing pixels in Canva?

Are you tired of wondering if “this is a good font??”

Are you sick of wasting your time trying to create a Pinterest-worthy social graphic?

Do you WISH you had a graphic designer on your team, but don’t have it in the budget yet?

Are you ready to spend less time on marketing tasks so you can spend MORE time working in you zone of genius?


bold+feminine branding kit

coastal branding kit

minimal branding kit

Soft+Sweet branding kit





HOW IT WORKS: Choose your brand kit, choose your color palette, fill out the branding form with your business information. We customize the logo template to fit your business name and deliver logo files and a brand board to you within 7-10 Business Days. All semi-custom branding kits are $197

Designer quality layouts✨

Plug and play text and images for easy customization👩‍💻

Looking totally legit 👌

Feeling more confident in how you present your brand to current and potential clients! 💁

I’m not a graphic designer. Won’t it be hard to customize the template to fit my brand?

Our templates were made with non-designers in mind! We believe that every business no matter the size should have GREAT design, so we have created these templates to be easily customized in a quick and efficient way so that you can pop in your information and be on your way! We also provide a video training so you can refer to it if you need a little tutorial for how to customize your template! 

Couldn’t I just hire a graphic designer to do this for me?

You absolutely could! We offer custom services to clients. Our branding packages start at $800 and our graphic design project prices range from $300-$4,500 depending on the project! We created these templates for the business with the smaller budget! These templates are great for the small business who needs high quality design, but doesn’t have the budget to hire a designer for their team. You’re getting designer quality branding and marketing materials for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing the quality of your designs.

Do I have to pay for fancy design software to customize my template?

Nope! You can add our design templates to your Canva template library at no extra charge to you! Canva is our number one recommendation for the DIY Designer because it’s free and is super user friendly! Did we mention it was free?! No need to invest in high end design programs like the Adobe Creative Suite when you won’t ever use them. We want our templates to be quick, simple and super intuitive to customize! 

Won’t everyone have the same materials as me?

While our templates aren’t sold in limited quantities (meaning we do sell the same template multiple times), we do believe that content and imagery really help differentiate our templates from one business to another. 

I’ve been exactly where you are! I’ve sat in that dark and dingy corporate cubicle, binging podcasts and hustling to get out of my 9-5 make my dream a reality. I’ve Googled every business question you can think of. And I’ve worked with countless business owners just like you who all have one thing in common. They have a limited amount of time and a limited amount of money to make their dreams a reality. While I would LOVE for every small business to be able to afford or to see the value in custom graphic design, it’s not everyone's priority and it’s not in everyone’s budget.

I believe that great design is not for the select few. You can have a small budget or be short on time and STILL have a killer brand & gorgeous marketing collateral.


But how? TEMPLATES. And you know what? I’m a GRAPHIC DESIGNER and even I have bought a template before because time is money and sometimes my time is worth more than the time it would take me to design something from scratch. Realizing the value of our time and how much certain tasks our worth is a 👏GAMECHANGER 👏for a business owner. My goal is to make high quality design easy, effective and high quality so you can spend less time stumbling your way through graphic design tasks and more time on the stuff that makes you MONEY! 💵 Who’s with me?

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