How to Sell Confidently on Your Instagram Stories

November 10, 2020

SALES. The dreaded five letter word that makes A LOT of female entrepreneurs literally sweat. I get it. Sales is not everyone’s favorite thing. But that’s ok! A lot of people think about sales being in person or on a sales call, but sales techniques are also incorporated into our social media content. One of the key areas for selling on social media is utilizing Instagram stories! Whether you’re selling face-to-cam or through text on screen, Instagram Stories are super powerful for selling your product, service or offer! And it’s not just a one and done situation, we should CONSISTENTLY show up on Stories to sell our products and services. I’m not saying to spam your audience, but definitely incorporate those promotional Instagram Stories along with the behind-the-scenes or lifestyle-focused Instagram Stories we all love! So, how do we sell confidently on social media?! 

A Few Tips to Feel More Confident on Stories:

1. Have a game plan for what you want to say:

Whether you write out your bullet points on a post it notes or run through it mentally before you record it, be sure you have a beginning, middle and end for what you’re wanting to post about. Create a storyboard. The more prepared you are the more seamless you will be in your presentation. You also will be more concise.

2. Understand that it’s not permanent:

Instagram stories are only live for 24 hours and then they are in the archives. Don’t stress yourself out about something that is temporary. AND give yourself permission to record multiple takes in case you mess up or don’t like you’re delivery.

3. Turn your face towards a window or record in natural light when you record your face to cam Instagram stories so you are in the most flattering light.

Flattering light+a good filter=ultimate stories confidence booster.

4. Show Up Consistently

The more you do something, the more comfortable you will be. So show up over and over, and you will get more comfortable!

5. Use a mix of graphics along with face-to-cam

Having a mix of graphics to share along with face-to-cam Instagram Stories creates a balanced mix of content, and gives your audience a variety of ways to consume. Lots of Instagram Story viewers watch with sound off so it’s important to have some content that they need to read vs. turn the sound on for. I also recommend briefly typing up what you’re saying in your face-to-cam stories as text on screen to create a caption for your stories.

One of the best ways to use Instagram Stories besides for behind the scenes or lifestyle content is to share your products and services!

Here’s my FAVORITE sequence of graphics to create to sell on Instagram stories: 


Slide 1: Ask a qualifying question. Example: “Do you constantly struggle with designing Instagram Stories?”


Slide 2: “Does this sound like you?” Break down the different pain points or characteristics your client will have when faced with this problem. Example: Do you find yourself constantly wasting too much time creating graphics for your business? Are you amazing at your zone of genius, but struggle with marketing yourself? You want your ideal client nodding their head YES by the end of this. They should be saying, “OMG I am this person, she’s talking to me!”


Slide 3: Tease the solution. “What if there was a better way?” or “What if you could do XYZ…”


Slide 4: Introduce your product as the solution.


Slide 5: Break down the features! Explain what is included with your product, offer or service.


Slide 6: Testimonials. Include client successes in this section. These can be face to cam videos from clients. Text on screen quotes from clients, or even screenshots from client messages or emails!


Slide 7: Call to Action. Tell them where they can learn more about your product, service, or offer! I like to include verbiage like “Visit my website (link) or click the link in the bio to learn more!


This 7-Step Framework is a game changer to help you formulate your sales-focused Instagram Stories! You can walk through this framework in a variety of different ways! You can talk face-to-cam, you can show photos with text overlaid, or you can create graphics in Canva! 


AND to help walk you through this process, I have created 7 Instagram Story Slide templates to help you create your Sales Sequence for your Instagram stories! Click here to download!

Instagram Story Sales Templates Download to Help You Sell Confidently on Instagram Stories

Try this out for your next promotion or launch and let me know how it goes for you! 


Until next time,


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