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July 15, 2022

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Call to Action’s are strategically placed buttons/links on your website that help guide your consumer to your services. These buttons can interlink to other pages on your website, link to a download, or link to a purchase option.  This nudges potential customers further into your sales funnel, helps them know what to do next, and builds hype + urgency about your product/services.  If you peek at this website, you’ll notice we take our own advice and have lots of CTA’s throughout our pages!


call to action, website buttons, call to action link


These vary by industry, but a call to action will say things like:

call to action, website buttons, call to action link



– Click here to ___
– Contact [company] Today
– Sign Up Now to [Get offer]
– Click to Get a Quote
– Learn More About Our Services
– Meet the Team/Owner
– Sign up Today for a 20% Discount
– Free Download
– [Opportunity] Ends Friday at Midnight!
– Refer a Friend and Get 10% Off


…. and so much more!





We recommend you have at least one call to action button per webpage to keep that sales funnel in motion. Does your website meet that criteria? If it doesn’t, what else could your website be missing?

We offer a DIY Website Audit if you want to download it and go through the checklist to see how your website stacks up.


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