"I had the best experience working with Jade."

I came to her feeling frustrated, lost, and hopeless with absolutely zero knowledge about building a website or branding and she made it so easy and enjoyable.

amy golden

You've DIY-ed your site and you're ready to take it to the next level. You want to look like the high end, next level version of your biz.

When you have a website that showcases your business professionally, you increase your perceived value. 

And what that means to you is that a premium website looks higher end in the eyes of your customers. 

And the best part of a premium website? You can CONFIDENTLY establish premium pricing because your website showcases the value of what you offer. 

Did you know that your website is a part of your customer service experience? 

Forbes did a study that determined 58% of people will PAY MORE when they know they will receive good customer service. 

By creating a positive customer service experience on your website, your customers are willing to pay more for your services. 

Feeling confident in raising your prices is important to you isn't it?





We customized the Lennon Rae template for a RV Campground and Vacation Rental Resort in Lincoln, Alabama. We incorporated their brand aesthetic, integreted Flodesk email sign up forms and showcased their vacation rental properties strategically for online bookings.





We customized the Brigitte Townes JAC Template for CM Promotions in order to create an elevated and high end aesthetics for their newly rebranded wedding planning business. 





We customized the Lennon Rae JAC ShowIt Template for a med-spa located in St. Pete, Florida. The new website's goal was to allow clients to book online and to also incorporate their new booking platform. During our Design Day, we also expanded the color palette of the brand using the primary brand colors blue and white as the starting point. 





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step 1: strategy

This is the most important part of the process. We build a foundation for the project during our initial consult call. Then, once we begin working together you will complete our client insight questionnaire so we can gain an in-depth understanding of your business, your vision, and your current clientele. Then, we have a strategy session where we develop the overall direction for your website. 


After the strategy phase, we will dive into the content phase. During this time, we will work together to source any imagery you may have, and we will also begin the copywriting process so that we can write strategic website copy in your brand voice that speaks to your ideal client. 


step 2: content

When we have all the content and strategy taken care of, the next phase includes design and development of your website! We will work together to incorporate the strategies and components that align with your vision and we will send concepts for approval, and from there, you'll receive a final version of the site for final testing and sign off before launch! 


step 3: execution

This is the part where we celebrate and drink champagne because everything we have been working toward is finally complete. All designs have been approved and you've launched them to your audience and implemented them into your business!


step 4: launch time



so what's the investment...

What it includes:

5 Page Website: Home, About Services, Contact, and  Instagram Landing Page

Copywriting for Website

Mood Board and Color Palette Exploration  For Site Look & Feel

Complimentary J. Alexandria Creative ShowIt Website Template (View Options Here)

What it includes:

Complimentary J. Alexandria Creative ShowIt Website Template (View Options Here)

Copywriting for Website

Branding: Strategy Call, Mood Board, Logo, Submark, Color Palette, Typography, & Brand Board

5 Page Website: Home, About, Services, Contact, and Instagram Landing Page

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click to inquire

Website Wrap Up Guide with Video Tutorials & Resources


2 PAYMENTS OF $2,250
4 PAYMENTS OF $1,125

Website Wrap up Guide with Video Tutorials & Resources


2 PAYMENTS OF $3,498.50
4 PAYMENTS OF $1,749.25


💰Create a stronger, more authentic visual brand that truly resonates with your ideal clients

💰Increase your perceived value, which in turn allows you to increase your prices and book higher paying clients and customers

💰Create stronger connections with your ideal clients 

💰Build more brand awareness

💰Get your message and product out to more people

💰Convert more customers via your streamlined online presence and digital strategy

💰Show up confidently, strategically and more boldly as the CEO of your business because your brand and website reflects your vision and value


I’m Jade Buford, CEO and Creative Director of J. Alexandria Creative. 

I’m a multi-passionate creative and small business owner’s biggest cheerleader. I’ve been exactly where you are! I’ve sat in that dark and dingy corporate cubicle, binging podcasts and hustling to get out of my 9-5 to make my side hustle a full time gig. I’ve Googled every business question you can think of. And I’ve worked with countless business owners just like you who have hustled to get their business off the ground, they've DIY-ed and been scrappy, and now they are ready to level up to that higher level version of their business. 

 Our mission at J. Alexandria Creative is to love and serve small business owners by creating brands and websites that create more value, build trust, and connect with your potential customers. How you present your business matters, and we will help you ensure your presentation is on point. 


If you are needing a new website done or a refresh of an existing website, you NEED Jade! She is PHENOMENAL!

 During our first project together, I added a second website for a second business. She was able to create my logo AND two websites. Both of my websites are AMAZING! Honestly, I am so happy that I was recommended to her. I couldn't imagine working with someone other than her. She took my vision and colors for both projects and created the most beautiful websites. I love everything about both of my websites.


Jade is an exceptional web designer. She is extremely knowledgeable in her art. 

Jade is also extremely kind and patient. She listened to all of my needs and was always helpful when I didn’t know what to do. She went above and beyond to help me and to make my website my dream website! I loved how thoughtful Jade was. I had a baby during the time I was creating my website and she was so patient with me and she even got my baby a sweet blanket and stuffed animal. She truly made me feel cared for. She also helped me in every step and created such a beautiful website that I am so proud of!!

ana carter

Jade is the one thing in my business I cannot do without.

There are not enough good things or ways I can describe my experience working with Jade. She is the most professional, creative, resourceful and flexible designer and project manager I’ve ever worked with. Jade is the one thing in my business I cannot do without. There’s no one better out there. I’m grateful I get to work with her.

vitale hardin


If you need a website or anything for your brand, do not hesitate to contact J. Alexandria Creative.

Jade and her team will go above and beyond to understand your thoughts and ideas and make your project better than you could have imagined. I really felt like she listened and understand exactly what we wanted. She pays attention to even the smallest details so that nothing is overlooked. We hired her to create our website in 2019 and to this day, we get so many compliments on it from professionals in our industry.

andy and kristin bernard

what platforms do you work with?

We specialize in Wordpress, Showit and Shopify. We recommend specific platforms based on our clients’ needs for their business and specific integrations required for their site. Typically, ShowIt is our most user friendly platform; However, we also build our Wordpress websites with Elementor as the page builder for ease of use and updates for our clients. Shopify is the most robust and scalable e-commerce platform, so we always always recommend that option for our clients who are retail based businesses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

can i easily update my site if i need to?

Absolutely! Websites aren't meant to be static, and should be updated as you get new brand photos, add new services, etc. You will receive a Website Wrap Up Guide with video tutorials to show you exactly how to make tweaks to your site so you can easily reference it for the future or share with a team member to make updates for you. 

do you offer custom payment plans?

Yes! If you opt for a payment plan, we do offer some flexibility outside our standard payment plans. For example, we have had clients ask to make smaller payments up front and larger payments toward the end of the project vs. an even split. Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in customizing your payment plan. 

what about SEO?

SEO is essential to your website. All J. Alexandria Creative website packages includes basic SEO implementation, which means page titles, meta-descriptions for all pages, and alt-text for images.

what about e-commerce?

Yes! Shopify is typically our recommendation for e-commerce sites. We provide custom quotes for e-commerce websites, as the scope of work varies based upon the number of products and any specific integrations needed.

will my site be mobile responsive?

YES! More people will view your website on their phone than on a desktop! We ensure mobile responsiveness for mobile, table and desktop.