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June 9, 2022

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Lincoln city logo fishing town

The city of Lincoln, Alabama is located about an hour east of Birmingham.  This area is nestled right by the Coosa River so the city sees lots of annual visitors.  Lincoln asked us to freshen up their branding and website to improve the experience of locals and visitors.  Doing city branding is such a fun and unique project! First, we met with the mayor and city council to discuss the project.  We did an in-person strategy session to determining the new messaging, brand persona, and overall brand voice they wanted to represent Lincoln.  The goal of the rebranding was to put more focus on lake Logan Martin which is a huge draw to the city vs. the history of the city which is currently reflected in the city’s old branding.  Essentially the city wants to be known for one thing; proximity to Logan Martin

Once we established the vision, we began pulling images and colors to build their aesthetic. Lincoln is a city where people can go to relax and have fun on the water, so that’s the direction we went with their mood board:



Mood Board

lake mood board fishing city branding Lincoln Alabama


Many anglers travel to this area for it’s great fishing waters. Lincoln is currently expanding and just unveiled a brand new state of the art fishing park . It is currently booked out into 2023 to accommodate fishing tournament participants! To highlight the fishing aspect of the area, we put a fish right in the logo.  The new city logo features a large mouth bass paired with modern lakeside tones: cozy blues, greens, and yellows which are often found in nature.  We hope Lincoln loves their new look and that it helps encourage tourism to the area.


Full City Branding Page

fishing city branding natural colors Lincoln




We are thrilled with this fun, earthy city branding design and enjoyed working with Lincoln to update their branding to match their wonderful city. The new design ties in with the overall future and direction of the city. If you love this city branding with an aquatic, lakeside feel, you may also enjoy the branding done for a fishing resort located in Lincoln! Want to learn how we can elevate your own brand? Click here to inquire with us!


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lake mood board fishing city branding Lincoln Alabama


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